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Chanticleers Theatre is a non-profit community theater.

We appreciate your patronage.

Love theatre?

Become a member of Chanticleers or volunteer.

Meet new people and have fun, while supporting local community theater.

Please join us!

Just call us 510-733-5483 for tickets or to get involved.
















Chanticleers Volunteers' Spotlight

As a local, non-profit community theatre, we depend on volunteers to keep the doors open, the stage lighted, the refreshments served at intermission... etc, etc. We love volunteers and would love to hear from you.

Please contact the managing director, Suzan Lorraine, at

Running Crews

Running crews work backstage. This involves moving props and scenery, helping actors getting ready for the next entrance, and myriad other duties.

Lightboard Operators

You can't have a play without lights! Lightboard operators change the lights according to a cue sheet developed by the lighting designer.

Soundboard Operators

Many plays have music and sound effects. The sound board operator operates the CD player, tape deck, and other devices.

Followspot Operators

The followspot operator operates the spotlight.


Take tickets for performances, hand out programs, and make coffee and punch to serve with cookies at the intermissions.


Many actors, including Disney's Jay Underwood, have had their start at the Chanticleers. Who knows? - maybe you will be discovered here!


The benefits of volunteering at Chanticleers are many. You meet new friends, earn complimentary tickets for future performances and, most of all, you get the satisfaction of knowing that you helped provide the community with quality entertainment at a reasonable price.